25 April, 2007

how many yards in a cubit?

i think i may be dying.

my symptoms are an unprecedented awareness of the beauty that surrounds me. it scares me. when i crawled home from the party on saturday i was blown away by the symmetry of the shadows of the wooden posts along the walking path. shadows. of posts. gorgeous.
then on sunday, as i slumped on the couch recuperating, i saw mister monkey's fake birkenstocks lying abandoned in a pool of sunlight and my breath was taken away by the loveliness of the sight. i kid you not.
this, on top of the wow-o-rama that our drive to and from fort mac has become. apparently the trees that have always been there have lately rearranged themselves into more attractive poses because as i drive, i drool. it is bloody lovely.
not to mention the forest around our apartment where trees, all sleek, silvery, multihued in that subdued springlike way, make my heart beat a little faster. so, what do you think? i must be dying, right?

of course it could just be spring.

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Anthony said...

There are approximately 2 cubits in one yard, or to answer your question more appropriately - 0.5 yards in a cubit. Each cubit is about 6 palms or the length from your elbow to the tip of the fingers.
Just in case you really wanted to know.