16 April, 2007

burnin' up the night in my pimped up popemobile

it was the pope's birthday today, and his holiness is hosting a dinner for a few of his closest buddies. there might or might not be balloons, there might or might not be cake and pizza, but you can bet your sweet catholic ass that there will be funny hats.

i am frankly a wee bit tired of the polish press's (she lisps gollum-like) infatuation with all things catholic. did the cbc mention the pope's birthday? did the bbc? probably they did, but i am sure it was in passing. polish press loves its guys in robes and never fails to go on and on and on about all things catholic. one word: yawn. i am sure that salt lake city news regularly shows the latest stats for convert-hunting among its missionary minded mormon youth, but i would rather not have my birth country on that particular end of the crazy spectrum, thankyouverymuch.

oh, and to celebrate the pope's birthday, everyone on the vatican payroll receives a bonus of 500 euros*. good to know that the ol' church has got its priorities straight. after all, you give money to the poor and more than likely all they'll do is spend it on booze and drugs. or food for their children. or medicine. this way you keep it in the family: i'm sure the staff is even now snapping up commemorative pope benny plates from the vatican souvenir shop.

somewhere up there, a very frustrated jesus is practicing his kickboxing moves. or so i like to think.

*almost 800 $ canadian

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