10 March, 2007

stop! or i'll shoot! or something!

so being slightly inebriated i figured hey, why not do our semi-monthly quasi-regular feature: the Drunk Post? of course it does take a wee bit longer to type, what with the unresponsive crazy fingers and all, and hey, it sure don't help that i'm watching "ever after" and have the movie paused (purely by accident, i swear) on the prince's codpiece.

gee whiz, i will tell you now, in a moment of alcohol induced openness, that mommy lurves the boy in the tight pants and the riding boots. you name him, mommy lurves him. evil alan rickman in quigley down under? yum. both of them, along with kevin costner in robin hood: prince of thieves? double yum. edmontonian captain malcolm reynolds of firefly fame owes a lot of his sex appeal to the tight pants and boots. faramir of lord of the rings? ditto. really, one could call it an...ahem....slight fetish. in fact, if the oilfield ever demanded of its workers tight pants and riding boots? well, we could be in fort mac a looooong time. and mister monkey would have a big ol' grin plastered permanently to his VERY satisfied face. got it?

damn, i spilled my sherry. excuse me.

back with a fresh glass! teehee!

hey! you wanna know what i did all day? i watched the appendices for return of the king, cried like a baby (hey, it looks like they had a lot of fun making that movie, ok? and goodbyes of all kinds make me sad, so piss off!). i consumed two (count'em: two!) glasses of sherry, and am now watching the cinderella story because why the hell not, what with the men in tight pants and riding boots and all. jesus, i fear you could dress up meatloaf* in the aforementioned outfit and i would drool a little. hopefully just a little. it's like men and blonde hair and big hooters - it almost doesn't matter how horrible the stuff inside the package is, as long as you do get the package. sad, really. still....tight pants and riding boots...mmmmm.....drooooolllllll......ok, gotta go.

*both the singer AND the beef product, though not at the same time.

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