13 March, 2007

speaking of desperate housewives...

the night before last i stayed up and watched a movie on tv: the chronicles of riddick. not that good, but definitely could have been worse. i just had a deep hankering for sci fi, and when i do, anything will do. it's kinda like craving a sachertorte and shutting up your gob with ding dongs, see? since i cannot have another season of firefly, i'll take vin diesel and his creepy cataracts.

as it turns out, that was to be the last tv i got. they turned us loose, cut off the umbilicus of free cable and set us adrift, my law & order addiction be damned. oh sure, you say, i could just phone up shaw and sign on the dotted line and get all the cable i could stomach all for a minimal monthly fee. aha! but that's the thing, you see, quoth i. i have never paid for cable in my life (that short stint in fort mac last time does not count because it was shared accomodation and i needed something to take my mind off the incredible amount of man urine accumulating around the toilet within hours of my cleaning it, until i finally gave up and designated the scary rotted floor downstairs toilet as a "girls only" space and breathed a little easier, but still, a little tv helped calm mommy's nerves, you know?). so no. also, we did not have tv in chicago, in ontario, or in edmonton these five years and done fine. so i can just go read a book like my ancestors and thank heavens i have insuite laundry AND a dishwasher.

and speaking of laundry and urine round the toilet, i have been exposed to a lot of commercials in the month of having tv and here's something i don't get - do people really let their bathrooms and kitchens get to the point depicted in household cleaning product commercials? i mean my tub gets a little grimy in the summer (due, largely, to my love of walking around barefoot in the great dirty outdoors) but nowhere near what tv shows us. is this to make really dirty people feel better? or is it to make relatively clean people like moi feel superior and smug thus preventing us from what we should actually be feeling - panic, anger, a deep seated need to change the world because, surely, it cannot go on like this for much longer before blowing itself up?

just wondering.

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Anonymous said...

I need to introduce you to my bathtub then......i can't get it clean...and it gets dirtier and dirtier.........*has anxiety attack*