12 March, 2007

"oooo, it's spicy down there!"

i am woman ergo i multitask. this is a good thing. unlike mister monkey, who cleans the bathroom* for several hours to the exclusion of all else (save sporadic emergency breathing), i can clean the bathroom, do several loads of laundry and prepare dinner ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

sometimes, however, the multitasking chip backfires on me (sort of like this mixed metaphor). here is a story. it is somewhat embarassing.

in order to streamline my evening routine i usually brush my teeth while peeing, because good god, doing one and THEN the other is just such a long drawn out process, and, frankly, rather dull. combining the two activities means that i get out of the washroom, oh, seconds earlier! so on this particular evening i stick the toothbrush in my mouth, pull my pants down and HEY! is that dust on the bathtub? what's one more task to a superwoman like moi?

and thus i found myself scrubbing the tub with my pants around my ankles, my bare ass gleaming, toothbrush in mouth, drool flowing down my chin. yes kids, i am that swanky. oh SNAP!

quick analysis of the situation brought me the following conclusion - woman: nuts.

however i am not about to give up multitasking. what better way than this to maintain my feeling of superiority over the male of our species?

*yes, he does a better job of the bathroom cleaning, but he does it once a year and thinks it is feasible to devote hours to the task. i do it on a weekly basis and see life as something other than an opportunity to polish tiles.

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Pitur said...

Does he use q-tips? I do...