06 March, 2007

moi in the snowy wilds

today is my birthday and i was awakened from a dream that featured many large water mammals (orcas, whales of all descriptions, dolphins, belugas, you name it, it was there) by a phone call from my soon-to-be-boss whereby he informed me of a rather drastic change in our proposed schedule. instead of 4 days a week, daytime hours, 8h a day, suddenly we have 2-3 days a week, evening hours, 6h a day. huh? happy birthday to me? not so much, that. grrrr.

luckily the phone calls from husband, parents and mother in law that followed, all good wishes and love, made me feel a little better. still, i really don't feel that birthdayish - everything seems to be on hold while here, in the snowy wilds of fort mac.

and in case you are wondering, and are too lazy to look it up in my profile, i am 35. and proudly, optimistically so. i will not play the stupid game of pretending my birthdays stopped at 29, because there is no shame in getting older- last i checked everyone was moving in the same direction and bucking the trend is pretty much impossible (unless you are joan rivers). so yes, halfway to 40. yay moi.

i am off now, need to purchase foodstuffs, survival gear (wine), kettle, and have a face-off with possibly-soon-to-be-boss, because i am not so desperate that i will put up with that kind of crapola, especially since the man initially wanted me for full time hours. possibly the people he needs to rethink are his advisors, not your truly. sigh. don't like conflict. so wish me luck, kiddies.

p.s. i will try to go back to writing fun fluffy stuff any time now. promise


Anthony said...

Oh Happy Day!

Have a good one, you ol' gal.

Pitur said...

Wszystkiego najlepszego, duzo winka, usciskow, dobrego ciastka. Tego wszyskiego 2 dni temu (pisze to dwa dni pozniej) zycze ja.

Ksiaze Piotr