14 March, 2007

me like, me no like

teena tagged me. here goes:

things i like: cheese, ckua, big boisterous red wines, my spectacular friends, yellow dogs with pink noses, hippos, mister monkey, pupusas, the ocean, big trees, freesias, good books, cold feet at night, small cars, pharos spinach pizza, being places, cornbread, olives, cashmere sweaters, kale, coconut curry, my age, my feet, real hot cocoa, walking

things i don't like: white bread, clutter, italian red wine, bad books, fort mcmurray, long stemmed red roses, drivers who don't signal, republicans, champagne, conservatives, SUVs, idiots, trixies, going places, raisins, gristle, chocolate chips in banana bread, religious zealots, my laziness, zits, my spare tire, backward baseball caps, stupid girls, hot chocolate from a packet, war, watching tv

i could go on and on and on, but i will spare you. tony, it's your turn. and then you can pass it on.


Joan said...

I also have not yet developed a love for gristle. I'm thinking that is a forbidden love that will never be mine.

aga, a large slavic woman said...

what? but what about your world famous raisin gristle pie that you kept a-promising me!

Genevieve said...

love white bread, raisins, chocolate chips in banana bread, hot chocolate from a packet...hum...do you detect a pattern...I love anything edible. But otherwise, I'm with you on the dislikes sister.