25 March, 2007

in which i take a sophomoric philosophical turn and tell the world it sucks

hey. it's been a while. like i said to a friend, either i'm too depressed about not working or too busy working. either way, no writing.

and then i open up a book which mentions concentration camps in passing, and i want to nuke the planet. because really - the balance of good and bad is just a wee bit uneven. let's say we are having a little contest in which i toss the bad at you and then you toss the good at me and we see who stands in a bigger pile at the end. ready? set. go!

i toss you hitler, because why the hell not start out with the ultimate in short evil psychopaths?
now keep in mind that the little austrian firecracker comes with a big pile of corpses. already your pile is largish.
you are ambitious and so you toss leonardo da vinci at me. and sure, you add some really nice paintings and a book or two of fantastic inventions. still, your pile of dead people is waaaay bigger than that.

next: i throw stalin and his millions of starved, disappeared, tortured and otherwise removed from the present. how you doin' in there?
you throw mother theresa. and, let's be positive, why not, let's throw in the several thousand people whose lives she affected positively. hmmmm....that pile of yours? still bigger than mine!

and so to save your having to read through a play by play, let me just tell you who else i will be tossing your way: african warlords, drug dealers, the mafia, multiple tyrants, psychopathic politicians, every US president who ever decided to alter the course of another nation's democratic elections in the name of democracy (how does that work, exactly?), the catholic church, every other religious zealot who tried to convert multitudes using a sharp weapon and hot tar. now keep in mind that every one of these lovelies brings along an endless string of the dead.

on your side you have a few humanitarians, brilliant artists, musicians, do-gooders and doctors. whatever you throw at me, i can throw that much more at you. i win.

and what do i want, as the victorious one? just that you agree with me that we all suck. that if god exists, he is either evil, or dangeroously preoccupied, or just does not give that much of a crap about this ant farm.
badness affects millions. hah! make that billions! goodness? well, not that many.

and you know what? i'm not even in that bad of a mood right now!


Anthony said...

Don't forget that on the "good" pile is the general population who, although not overly ultuistic, are generally good and mostly trying to be better. That's got to mean something in the grand scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

People suck when they turn away from good.

aga, a large slavic woman said...

aaah, therein lies the problem - i don't think people turn away from good; i think people are inherently bad. look at history - torture, dismemberment, rape, pillage, these are neither new nor rare. in fact, what is rare, is decency and respect. but that's just my little dark point of view.

Anonymous said...

I'm am not inherently bad! I'm just misguided! On a happier note, have you heard about Knut? Search "knut lied" on youtube. Now you wouldn't have anything against a Knut, would you?