26 March, 2007

in which the bluebird of happiness (or was it the black crow of orneriness?) takes a crap on my little yellow car

the day at work was a wash-out. i am still in the beginning stages of getting my ass integrated into the office and i wish to god i wasn't so bloody insecure and thin skinned. i wish that the way my mouth works was the way i was inside. and no, nothing happened, i just feel like a schmuck forever asking questions and i fear they have come to hate me in the week i have been there. feh! i shall overcome.

still, oh what fun it is to organize my very own Magical Cart of Dental Stuff. because you see in this office, full to the brim of staff working all manner of crazy scheduled and unscheduled hours, all but two hygienists are itinerant and instead of a bundle on a stick, we each have our very own Magical Cart filled with such fun stuff as gauze, toothbrushes, polishing paste in not one but two delicious flavours and possibly even three kinds of floss! what'd i tell you? the fun never stops! and today, on account of a couple of patients being too busy making oodles of smelly fort mac moola to come in and take care of their equally smelly teeth, i had all this free time to organize my Magical Cart.

and now i am sitting at home, sipping the last of a nice argentinian merlot, eating everything in sight, thinking about the necessity of getting my ass off the couch and going for a walk sometime in the next two days, reading mordecai richler, missing mister monkey who has absconded to saskatoon, where, ensconced in a third rate hotel, he is taking a course on some welding type stuff. or having the time of his life with ladies of the night for all i know, but then again, going all the way to saskatoon for that seems excessive.

oh, and i promise to lay off the "humanity sucks" stuff. not because i don't wholeheartedly believe that, and hell, it got me more comments in the space of an hour than any other post, but it just seems juvenile to write at length about such obvious stuff, especially when others have done it better and with far more research. but don't think i'm promising fluffy bunnies and huggy bears and smiley faces. i can no more change my dour outlook than i can reach back through the years and retrieve both my glowing face and my sharp young brain, both of which incidentally, are most probably nothing more than figments of my overactive and slightly malodorous imagination.


Anonymous said...

I still love you, darling. xo

Joan said...

Funny thing. I was so bored last week I decided to finally clean out my car and guess what! Your glowing face and sharp young brain were under my car seat! They were almost so dirty and stomped on they reminded me of when I last came across mine-in the closet under a dirty pair of panties.

aga, a large slavic woman said...

so what you're saying, joanie-poodles, is that i did the typical thing, got shitfaced and left my youth in your car? no surprise there. did you find my tattered innocence in there as well?

Joan said...

Well, there was a hymen in the glove compartment!