14 March, 2007

aluminum falcon and all

1. my friend is selling his house in ontario. his agent's name? gaye males. seriously: gaye. males.

2. i have decided i will stop watching movies/shows that depict man's violence against man. also man's violence against animal. i will continue watching shows that feature animal violence against man, because it is less about psychotic power trip, and more about serious meat craving.

3. cannot sleep again. is there a brain on/off switch in the 1972 deluxe model Polish Girl? anyone have a manual kicking about in their garage? i am willing to pay top dollar(canadian)!

4. fort mcmurray finally did the one thing it does not just well, but spectacularly well: northern lights. if you think you have seen amazing northern lights but have not seen them up north, you ain't seen nothin'. they come in through the windows, they scream at you, they dance, green and glowing, streaming across the night sky, even in the presence of street lights. they wow. i suppose it's only fair: paris has its eiffel tower, new york has manhattan, heck, edmonton has its river valley and folk festival , and so fort mac has the most bloody amazing aurora borealis. but please, gentle reader, do not take this as any kind of encouragement to come up here. after all, we've been here a month and a half and this was the only sighting. other than that what does fort mac have to offer? why, the casino of course, where you can get shit faced and end up stabbing someone/being stabbed by someone in the parking lot, and who wants that?

5. gaye. males. hehehehehehehe! hahahahahahaha! oh god. too funny.

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