25 February, 2007

weltschmerzwurtz and other organ meats

i spent the weekend cut off from the internet because, apparently, a rabid beaver chewed through the optical cable and cut all of fort mac off from civilisation. that was saturday. sunday they repaired the cable but i had accidentally flipped the wee button that turns the internet off so i was still cut off from civilisation. all this translated to lots of spider solitaire (taking a break from tetris), reading and the oscars.

i made lasagne. it was only ok.

i ate lots of fruit. it was fantastic.

i actually drew a picture of a winged and horned mermaid type creature. i am proud. not because it is a particularly good picture (nowhere near the mastery and spontaneity of my "animals fucking animals"* series, teena) but because i used to draw all the time and recently (and by recently i mean the last decade or so) i have done nothing. so one picture is a good start.

still don't know when i am to start work. grrrr.

still working on being happy. work work work. they say if a relationship is all work it perhaps isn't worth keeping up. so how do i nicely tell myself to piss off?

*there might have been a mouse taking a giraffe from behind, a whale and a beaver, possibly other combinations that i do not remember. and yes, alcohol was a factor. teena, phil**, if you read this, would you mind sharing the combos? i'm pretty curious myself. always interesting to see what sits in one's dark basement of the mind.

**you will notice that by telling the world i have pretty much prevented you two from ever blackmailing me with these pictures, ha HA!

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