11 February, 2007

six weird things about me

i've been tagged! i've been tagged! and by the ever creative shana, no less.
translation: yay! free topic and all.

1. i despise raisins. if i bite into an unexpected raisin in a pastry, i will actually gag. psychosomatic freakishness? perhaps.

2. i cannot listen to commercial radio. not for any snobbish "quality of the music" reasons. nah, i can listen to crappy music as much as the next person, but i can't stand the screaming patronizing dj assholes and furniture commercials. in 3 seconds of listening i can tell if it's cbc, ckua, npr or crap. i have a 4.7 second tolerance for crap.

3. i can handle any amount of farting but burp once and i will get ill. especially those deep gastric gurgling burps.

4. i am all for peace on an international level, but on a personal level? oooh, i'd like to kick me some serious ass!

5. the sound of anyone brushing their teeth is like fingernails on a blackboard for me. i will run out of the room screaming like a little girl if you start to brush your teeth in my presence. (also, i am a dental hygienist.)

6. i am polish but i don't drink vodka. don't get no weirder than that!

i'd tag more people, but the only one i know who has a blog and who hasn't yet been tagged is tony. so, tony - you're it!

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