26 February, 2007

boring is as boring does, and boy, does i bore!

ok, i was gonna do some more mewling and whining, but, as not so obliquely mentioned above, enough already. so i thought i'd start my own little game: some friends (in no particular order)and what they taught me. and then i'll tag y'all. ok? ok.

1. joan: that it is possible to drive 0 km/h under the influence of our fine green friend and still think one is going too damn fast. oh, and the drinking, i can't forget the drinking

2. tony: that not all dental professionals are boring, dull, uninteresting and ... did i say boring already?

3. julie and denise: that one can be a lawyer and actually much much nicer than moi. who knew?

4. teena: that playing the piano very well at 3 in the morning after a night of solid drinking is possible, and that animals fucking other animals is actually hilarious.

5. phil: that "goddamn motherfucking cocksucking piece of shit asshole" can be a perfectly acceptable term of endearment among friends

6. pitur: that one can spend time with someone 24/7 for a month, tell them to piss off and still remain good friends

7. evelyne: that sometimes a friend's ex does not become an ex-friend

8. anne: that friends come from unexpected places

9. genevieve: sometimes even from the dental chair!

10. no round numbers, remember? oh, and if you aren't on the list it don't mean that i don't love ya.

so: shana, teena, phil, tony, you're it!


Pitur said...

makes me fell all warm and fuzzy inside...

aga, a large slavic woman said...

gee, you should get that checked out, could be an STD!