08 January, 2007

stark raving mad meets stark naked

we just spent a weekend in jasper where i had an epiphany. ok, maybe nothing quite so dramatic took place but sometime during my second day of cross country skiing i GOT it. i took off. i sprouted wings on my ass and flew, babies!

so yeah, most of you active types are reading this all glazed-eyed and yawny, thinking "big fat hairy whoop," but what you don't get is that to an anti-athlete like moi, it is a big fucking deal yes indeedy-o to discover a sport or physical activity (other than walking which i love) that doesn't make me want to kick someone's teeth in or crack open a box of molten-cheese filled chocolates.

i hate sports. throw me a ball and i advise you to duck (not too quickly because i will probably fumble the ball and then throw it like a three year old back at you, but still, accidents happen). give me a stick to hit the ball with and my mood will really turn foul. or maybe i'll just look at you increduously and put the stick down before going to get a drink.

people who play soccer for fun (like my sis-in-law) or who like mountain induced pain (like my cousin) or who run several marathons a year (like my dad) are beyond my scope of understanding. i mean, why? why? when there are books to read, comfy chairs to sit in and a nice leisurely* pace to keep to? so for me to actually enjoy a sport is a big deal.

so this makes three: i now like yoga, pilates and cross country skiing. watch out! i'll be a muscle bound contortionist with abs of steel in no time! oh yeah!

*most people would beg to differ on this one: i walk fast. really really fast. for me, walking slowly takes a lot of effort and makes me cranky and tired. then again i am tired most of the time and most things make me cranky.

over and out.

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Anthony said...

I feel bad that I missed your wing sprouting. Maybe we can ski together another day.