04 January, 2007


last night i dreamt i helped a woman give birth to two sharks (sturgeon?). the first came out sluggish and had to be doused with hot water to wake him up while the second came out all wiggly and happy as only a baby shark (sturgeon?) can be.

both mother and baby sharks (sturgeon?) are doing fine.

i think i need to either stop drinking altogether, or start drinking a hell of a lot more. my brain is starting to really frighten me and needs to be stopped.

recent google searches that amused mister monkey:

  • pale feces (really. don't ask.)

  • men pluck eyebrows (didn't find anything remotely linkable, and one would have figured that one for a gold mine!)

  • god hates shrimp (right up there with homosexuals. check it out.)

and that's all you're getting out of me today.

although for god's sake, somebody please tell me - is it sturgeon or sturgeons? both sound odd.

1 comment:

Anthony said...

by the way, it's sturgeon. just like fish and not fishes. they really are horrid looking creatures. i think the shark may be more appealing.