22 January, 2007

human nature: the miniseries

apparently all i need is some fresh juicy abuse, grate in a little bit of guilt, toss it all in a light vinaigrette of insult, and i get audience response. gee thanks, audience, you are teaching me a valuable lesson in machiavellian manipulation. if ever it should happen that a big steaming pile of political power falls in my lap (you never know), you will be the ones responsible for all the atrocities i am sure to commit. until you came along, i was a bunny-loving, flower-sniffing sweet thang. you have taught me to be harsh, insulting, abusive and mean. really. i was none of those things. ever. and if anyone who says different should suddenly meet with an unexpected and slightly suspicious end, well, i had absolutely nothing to do with it.

so thanks for all the book titles. now give me more. more. MORE!!!!

and everyone send me 5$ (which, with the size of my fanbase, should keep me in single issue gummy worms (at 3 cents a worm) for at least a month! at least!

P.S. oh, and pitur, please use google or wikipedia to answer any pressing womb-related questions you might have. i am too genteel and lady-like to use words like "virgin" and "uterus" on my blog. these are related to s. e. x. and you know i would never write about filth like that here.


Pitur said...

that is not filth, just curious.

aga, a large slavic woman said...

that. was. a. joke.