06 December, 2006

weather related rant or: use the correct word already

this november and early days of december have brought us more snow than i remember seeing in alberta in a long, long time, and i absolutely love it. if there must be a leafless dayless grey season, might as well cover it with snow. except mother nature is acting like a slightly senile alcoholic with bipolar disorder lately. -25C! -10C! hey, how about +5C! and the thing that irks me even more than sloshing to work through roughly two meters of slush in my comely hip waders is having some wanker dj on the brain-rotting easy rock station gush about how it's "nice out."
listen all you mentally deficient buttwipes of the radio universe (and assorted hangers on)! what it is, is "warm out," got that? warm. as in above zero temperatures. WARM. W. A. R. M.
merriam-webster tells us that "nice" means pleasing, aggreeable, appropriate and fitting, polite, kind, none of which apply to this godforsaken filthy bog of a week. ok? the thing that i find fascinating (in a quietly-sharpening-my-axe-behind-my-back sort of way) is that people have taken this word, lapped it up and run with it. i have patients come in, seething at the state of their boots and vehicles, and bitch about how the forecast tells them it'll be "nice out" for the next few days. am i missing something? if you hate it, how can it be nice? it's warm. do i need to do the capitalization/spelling thingie again to get your attention? no, i didn't think so. fuck.

forecast: evil


Anthony said...

I'm going to put on my nice boots, my nice coat, and wade out into the spectaculariliciously nice mush that is my street and go to work where I will see my nice coworkers, my nice patients, and their nice offspring.
You're jealous, aren't you?

agilinea, mistress of the murkiness of meaning said...

and just what the hell do you think i'll be doing? nice.