08 December, 2006

two pineapples short of a carmen miranda

in an emotional flip favoured by bipolar depressives everywhere, i am now excited! because! we are having! a PARTY! woohoo! also, studies found that alcohol is a depressant! really! did you know this? did you figure it out by reading my blog?

so - eggs are boiling, white beans are cooking, MUCH food was purchased and awaits chopping, sauteeing and general mistreatment at my hands. rejoice! you have been spared the dreaded North American "Cheese" Tray From Hell.

also, there are now many mandarin oranges at my house. many. lots. multiple amounts of lotsessness.

and finally, file this one under "good god, and they say she is smart?" guess who was cleaning out the fridge, found a big hunk of organic cottage cheese demonstrating its complete lack of chemical preservatives while simultaneously showing its support for diversity by turning all manner of rainbow colours*, took the cheese-hunk and dumped it (whole) into the toilet. guess whose toilet isn't flushing so well. come on! guess! i give you one guess.

*which did a lot to explain the strange smell that has lately been wafting from the fridge. wow! i bet you ALL wanna come to my house and eat now, no?


Anthony said...

The more pressing questions is whether or not all your guests will have to pee from the balcony or in the corner of your livingroom now that the toilet is unreliable? ('cause you know we won't be cutting back on the liquids)

aga, a large slavic woman said...

three words: industrial size bucket (oh, and a little tree shaped air freshener hung over the bucket)

Pitur said...

Damn, I missed another party.