10 December, 2006

sunday morning blues

i finally managed to crawl out of bed a couple of hours ago, consumed high sugar party leftovers and am feeling that really uncomfortable belly buzz. sugar and i don't mix in the mornings. i should have known better, but perchance my thinking faculties were dulled by wine and a 4am bedtime.

the party was a rousing success, its star was my six fat dip made entirely of butter, lard, margarine, olive oil and cheese, deep fried in pork drippin's, and flavoured lightly with spinach and artichokes. kidding about the ingredients, not the fat content. future heart problems can lay blame at my door. mini quiches were also consumed. and many many cookies.

and then there was a bunch of boring old boohoo about how horrible i am to people and blah blah blah, you didn't miss anything.

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