28 December, 2006

baby jesus is now officially here!

great christmas moments:

1. driving my car down the road formerly known as calgary trail north, singing along to john lennon's "give peace a chance," pausing in the christmas sing-along to periodically yell "FUCK!" at the guy in front of me. then realising the irony. oh the irony. give peace a chance indeed.

2. having my friends actually consume vast quantities of my homemade cookies. eat, friends. EAT! it pleases the polish part* of me.

3. seeing people whom i haven't seen in anywhere from 2 to 5 years. people rock. wait...correction. MY people rock. other people suck.

4. popping milk thistle like there's no tomorrow in a desperate attempt to reduce wine induced liver damage. every day the same old mantra "i will not drink tonight" followed by regular drinking. every bloody night. and lest you think i spent christmas convulsing in a pool of my own vomit on the kitchen floor, it wasn't that kind of drinking. more of a social wine consumption that lubricated social discourse. but still. every night. bleerch. i'll try to make tonight wine free. right.

5. eating so much polish food that all i begin to crave is cheese. largely because cheese is nowhere on the polish christmas menu. my aunt reacts by craving potato pancakes, which she doesn't even like all that much, largely because they too are not christmas food. all year long one waits and waits, dreams of the 12 traditional delicacies, only to reject them in favour of cheese and fried potatoes. humans. so odd.

6. christmas music. you can say what you want, but i love christmas music.

*because you never know. traditionally i admit to being 99% polish because napoleon's army did at one point cross poland and, as we all know, polish womens are hott!


Anonymous said...

you... are... a...


and i love u for it


Anonymous said...

i know how busy you were this christmas, so i took the liberty of finding you the christmas kangaroo.



Pitur said...

Amen to the last point