08 November, 2006

update, in a lovely shade of yellow

tree - still in living room. currently lit up in freaky corpse-like LED way. still not sure if it is a keeper. but the thought of taking it apart and hauling its VERY HEAVY green ass back to canuck tire overwhelms me. will probably stay here till january.

food - steaming about 9 beets. reason: polishness, temporary insanity of husband while grocery shopping, hard to eat raw. also, we enjoy pink poo (if you don't know what i am talking about, go eat some beets, digest, and get back to me)

floors - still atrociously dirty. damn, i HATE cleaning floors. i would rather lick the toilet bowl clean. almost. ok, maybe not. but almost.

hair - colour touched up to cover the disturbing bits of grey that nobody believes are highlights. colour - moi, only better.

uniforms - 3 new ones. pumpkin, chocolate and pistachio. no, not ice cream. uniforms.

future - possibility of job in fort mac. dude phoned. same name as old boss which had me a little confused because why would an increasingly strange ex-boss phone me in the middle of an evening? but it was the new guy.

floors - still filthy (i was hoping for a miracle). perhaps i should blog less and mop more. AS IF!

frustrations - husband befriends fruit packed for lunch and takes it for rides to work and back. must explain: fruit to be et, not befriended. friendly un-et fruit does little for colon health (poo again! twice in one post!)

mood - tired. constantly tired. what's with me? i sleep enough hours in a night and i am always tired. must be the winter thing.

now - mister monkey is serving salad. must go eat it.

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