24 November, 2006

sweet jebus and little helper monkeys, it might be a drunk post!!!

outdoors: very cold. -28C with windchill.

indoors: toasty warm, big lebowski just watched for the nth time. much laughter ensued.

wine status: highly recommend trapiche. inexpensive and yummy and i might have consumed a leeetle more than absolutely necessary.

social update: mostly everyone notified of shindig on the 9th. you wanna come? i am making puff pastry and stuffing it with mushrooms, herbs and possibly even goat cheese. i think it might be fun. although we will not have a tree, we will have christmassy decor, and two (count'em: TWO!) pregnant women, which, come to think of it, will lower the alcohol quotient, damnit! still, it ought to be fun, and, if nothing else, it will force me to wash the bathroom floor (again!)

food (and booze): all save one piece of pharos popeye pizza consumed in drunken hungry gorgefest, crumbs flying, spit splattering computer screen, greasy hands wiped on classy bits of paper towel. followed by pinocchio gelato (bacci) and much much wine, and, in the case of mister monkey, big rock grasshopper beer followed by tequila and coke, for god knows what reasons. sheesh, are we international or what! but mostly supporters of local goodness. yay.

phonecalls: message from sis-in-law regarding family dinner tomorrow, call to cousin to explain bit of lebowski lenin/lennon dialogue, call from parents (lebowski-like tennant who refuses to pay on time), call from chicago jan, (with cheerful aside from pitur) who, at this very moment, is painting the town red in chicago. thank god i can go to bed before the birds. but, damn, i do miss chicago. mmm....nookies......mmmmm...chicago diner.

other stuff: post-wine horny. did you want me to share that with you? probably not. still, the whole point of drinking is to lower inhibitions. so, witness those inhibitions lowering. wheeeee!

other other stuff: we walked to the pizzeria and pondered the really rather simple idea that, given appropriate clothing, any weather is walking weather. why does a big chunk of the population not get that? it's the appropriate clothing bit that they seem to find difficult to fathom. what i want to know is this - why is it that you rarely see anyone in the summer wearing a wool sweater, sweating like a pig, complaining about the weather, but it is very common to see its polar (hah!) opposite, the winter bunny, hatless, mittless, brainless, coat open, bitching about the falling mercury? is it some sort of anti-darwinian thing? WHAT? THE? HELL? IS? WRONG? WITH? YOU? PEOPLE? IT. IS. COLD. OUT. perhaps your hair is nice. perhaps it is really nice. still, you look like a total idiot. put a fucking hat on. okay?

other other other stuff: good night. i lurve you. really. i do!

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Anthony said...

Missed your drunkeness last night. We lurve you too.