20 November, 2006

really dull post, proceed with caution


i just erased the entire boring post and the above word was the only one that survived the scalpel. so there you have it. it pretty much sums it up.


Anne S. said...

Hello my friend!

I've been reading regularly, just not commenting, sorry! I much enjoy your 'ramblings'...

I hope you're all caught up on rest now. I'll finally send you some pictures as I promised ages ago.

I am going to Alberta in February, by the way. Any idea where you will be around then?

Greetings from Delft,


P.S. What's the attraction to James Bond? I have to admit it's mostly lost on me. I do really like Judy Dench, but I suppose that doesn't count.

agilinea, mistress of the murkiness of meaning said...

hey anne,
judy dench does indeed count. she is one hot old lady and i would kill to look like her at her age. bond? hmmmm, it's that rough but swanky type that appeals to me. i don't like pretty boys (don't tell my husband - he thinks he is one, snurf!)