10 November, 2006

it is possible, but not probable

i am getting a little tired of talking to thin air. my sitemeter tells me that someone is reading this so HEY, SOMEONE! TALK TO ME! a little itty bitty comment won't hurt you, right? right. or i will stop posting (groans heard around the world). okay, i probably won't stop because it helps keep me (relatively) sane. but still. WRITE ME A COMMENT (and not just the usual suspects, either).

I. the tree is gone. it is history. it is OUTTA HERE! we hauled its creepy, corpse-like, plastic shedding tree-ass back to the vehicle and it shall be returned forthwith.

II. when in doubt when choosing paint colours, always go with a good name. our bedroom brown is called (i kid you not) shag bark, and while i love the colour, i often wonder what that means exactly. is it the bark of a sexually active tree? or is it the sound one emits when doing it doggy style? when we pulled a while-you-were-out surprise for my cousin and were faced with tough paint choices we did the name game and went with squirrel. the colour was a greenish grey and looked great, but i think the squirrel in question might have been way past its expiry date.

III. am i the only one deeply bothered by comments like "who's your daddy?" and "you are a hot mama"? my daddy is my daddy, thank you very much, and i ain't your mama, especially if you want to get it on, okay? cause i think that's just gross. upon further reflection i guess "baby" falls into the same freudian-oedipal-icky category. can we keep the family out of our bedrooms, please? what's next? "oooh, grandma, i want you!" or "hotdamn, uncle, you're my man"? like i said. gross.

IV. we're hosting a family dinner tonight and then, once the elders take off (as they are wont to do almost immediately after eating - i try not to be offended, it is their Homebody Way) the young'uns will remain here and drink wine and partake of curdled dairy products and unleavened breads of various descriptions. i might have a headache tomorrow. just a warning.

V. have you noticed how cranky i am? just wondering. cause man, oh man, i am very cranky. and i will thank you to keep your comments about how normal that is to yourself, or wherever you are, EVEN IN, SAY, SAN DIEGO, I! WILL! KICK! YOUR! ASS! eventually.

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Pitur said...

I am not afraid of you. You are far far away, and hey by the time I get to visit from SAN DIEGO, you will forget.