25 November, 2006

in the arms of the chickens

following last night's wine-o-rama i had the typical drunk sleep, i.e. short. woke up before the sun and was out of bed before 8, which, on a saturday, is just plain stupid. which makes me wonder - is there also fancy stupid? with, like, lots of frills and smocking (check out the engorged alien brain coloured background!), or wearing a little tiara and a fuschia feather boa? because if i am going to be stupid, i think i'll take fancy over plain any day. so, where was i? oh yes, on a tangent, where i can be found many a day, wondering around, eyes wild, hair uncombed, a little bit of drool in the corner of my mouth, searching frantically for the way back to Topic. which today was Early Morning Awakening Following Excessive Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages And Pizza. onward and upward, dear friends! so, like i said, i'm up. i ate 3 mandarin oranges, powered up the old vaio, and checked for updates on my favourite blogs. then i continued my obsessive backlog reading of mimi and lo and behold, there in the midst of a summer 2004 entry, was my holy grail. ok, perhaps i exaggerate, perhaps it wasn't actually the holy grail, just a really nice philippe starck sippy cup, or sleek designer wine glass. but still - i have been fascinated for a while with the idea of overlapping circles of friends, and to illustrate this idea i always use set theory that i remember from my years in elementary school in poland. you know, the one set has green things, the second has mushrooms, and in the overlap you have green mushrooms. i vividly remember this concept from either grade 1 or 2, and for some reason it made an impression on me, perhaps because it was math presented in a nice tidy number-less artistic format (one can really go to town with funky mushrooms, and don't even get me started on green things!), but i never knew/remembered* the english name for this, and then, BOOM, here comes mimi and gives it to me straight: VENN DIAGRAM! yippeee! life is a series of venn diagrams!

*then i got to thinking that, wait a minute, perhaps i knew this all along, perhaps i even blogged this, perhaps you are all reading this and thinking, gee, you are just fancy stupid, because this "discovery" ain't nothing new either to us or to you. but then i realised that perhaps i was suffering from a touch of hangover paranoia, and even if all of the above accusations are correct, that doesn't stop me from being excited because my little brain forgets things (like playing peek-a-boo with a baby, and then you suddenly wonder if the baby can be that dumb or if the baby is maybe just humouring you and thinking to itself, gee asshole, i know you don't actually disappear, just stick your head behind the chair, but hey, if you're having fun, who am i to stop you? although that seems just a tad too complex for babies, but what do i know?).

i just ate that last piece of spinach feta pizza that was sitting on the dining room table and i continue to be famished. i am entertaining fantasies (hello fantasy, care for a cocktail? how about a miniature sausage wrapped in bacon on a toothpick? the glasses are over there, make yourself at home, i will begin juggling flaming chainsaws presently) of mexican themed breakfast items - chilaquiles, huevos rancheros or huevos divorciados... good god, what i wouldn't give for a nookie's breakfast today. although lest you think that our humble burg boasts no good breakfast places, let me hasten to shush that notion (notion, shush!) and explain that edmonton has many great breakfast places (and if anyone out there even so much as thinks of denny's and smitty's, i will go over there and kick your unimaginative bad food loving ass) but to the best of my knowledge none of them serve chilaquiles. the only place that does serve something they misguidedly call chilaquiles is julio's barrio and they make it like a plantain pie with tortilla chips somewhere in there, but, man, chilaquiles it ain't. so perhaps this is the morning to bundle up and walk across the bridge to the sugar bowl and have their deeeelicious huevos rancheros and check out the art exhibit by that anonymous graffiti dude who has been making edmonton so much more interesting (see above, or wherever the hell they put the picture, goddamn my computer ignorance). and, in an aside, how nice to actually eat huevos rancheros that have flavour, unlike, say, at the highly overhyped cafe mosaics, where i am forced by the sheer tastelessness of pretty much all of their dishes to dump a truckload of salt on my plate to get any kind of sensory ooomph.
and now for something completely different:
yesterday we took two pictures to be framed: one was my own work, a 3 month belated wedding present for my cousin and his wife, the other a 5 year belated framing of our own wedding present fom mr. m's aunt. now as happy as i am that someone would buy us a (gigantic) painting, painstakingly wrap it and ship it across the atlantic, i have some pretty mixed feelings. it's not horrible, per say, it's just....average. not at all the kind of painting i myself would buy. and it's not some small thing you can hang in a corner hoping nobody notices. no. this is big. nay, BIG! but i finally figured that the painting means a lot to mr. m because the aunt who sent it is close to his heart and also because he likes it, and damn my snooty taste, love matters more than my standards (and who am i to set the standards anyhow - our place is covered with tits and ass of my own creation, and i'm not saying they are of the highest quality). the point i am meandering slowly towards is that, hot damn, framing ain't cheap! but a good frame goes a long way towards taking a so-so (ginormous) painting and making it almost elegant. let's hope it works.
it is after ten - do i have the conscience to wake up my chronically under-rested husband so that i can get fed?
you read enough. i go now.

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