02 November, 2006

freshly baked nonsense at a discount

1. today i went and splurged on some brand name overpriced personal grooming items. i will not tell you what and where and how much because i am basically a frugal person (and when i say frugal, i mean bloody cheap) and i am embarassed to admit that i paid $X for item by company Y, when same item by Cheaper Drugstore Version Of Company Y would have cost me $X-10. (hey! this is the first time i have incorporated mathematics into my blog! rejoice. it is also the last. mathematics. bleh.) but i figure, hey, i'm a working woman now and if i want a swankily packaged goodie once in a while then, damn it all, i can get one. especially considering that there are highschool students who routinely groom their bits with company Y's many excellent products, while i am wracked by paroxysms (oooh that's fun to say! PAROXYSMS!) of guilt for buying two overpriced luxury items when i am Making The Big Bucks. it's like i am channelling some sort of strange calvinist guilt from god knows where. oh, i know where. my dad. he's really cheap. he's in nepal right now and he makes a point of going to the bakery every evening at 8pm, because that's when the buns are reduced by 50%. jesus, dad! this is fucking NEPAL! how much can they be full price? 3 cents? anyhow, you get the general idea of the genetic shenanigans at play in this here chicklet. i.e. moi.

2. mister monkey used his trump card today. his trump card was the first phlegmy signs of an upcoming illness. the result - we went out for pho. sign on door of new vietnamese restaurant : PLEASE USE ANOTHER DOOR. tee hee. a nice polite way of saying, keep on walking fucko, use another door to ANOTHER restaurant, preferably in ANOTHER neighbourhood altogether. aah, immigrants. they are so very very cute. (disclaimer for politically correct hypersensitive types - i too am an immigrant and thereby get a "make fun of immigrants free" card, so there)

3. i keep getting these neat and interesting ideas for blogging as i go about my daily business of living but because i am too bloody lazy to make even the most perfunctory of notes i forget, and then sit down at the keyboard and stare blankly at the screen hoping for divine inspiration. which is never forthcoming. (damn you, ye gods. damn you.) to prevent this loss of inspired ideas i have decided to jot down notes for future blogging. i will now have pockets full of lint covered slips of paper filled with cryptic notes like: "nuns on bicycles", "construction worker tango", or "the good one about snakes". and then i still won't remember. and the sitting and staring shall resume.

4. mister monkey demands my presence in bed. i bid you all a very fond adieu.

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