13 November, 2006

fine! be like that!

okay. i was trying to be nice, perhaps a little sad and mopey, hoping for a little bit of compassion. but noooo. okay. you're not talking to me? i'm not talking to you either. until someone other than the usual suspects (and you know who you are j, p and t) writes me a goddman comment, i am going to write my nonsense down on post it notes, make teeny tiny paper airplanes and throw them off my balcony. no more blogging.

p.s. ckua is playing "i'd like to teach the world to sing" WHY? what is wrong with you, baba? dear god, i am nauseous!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

have you thought to yourself that maybe, just maybe, we're all all so laughing so hard that we're crying when reading your posts? and that we cannot see the keyboard through the tears? i'm guessing you haven't.