14 November, 2006


okay, some would say that i'm just not that into you, but i am saying: i have nothing to say. blank. go play some and come back later.
by the way, thanks, anonymous.
though still...ONE comment. harrumph! ONE freaking comment! gee, i can feel the love from here.
so yeah, go play. i will sulk some and possibly think of topics for my audience of one.

mood: cranky


Pitur said...

I think you forgot about me. I read you blog too. Not as religiously, but still

Anonymous said...

no, no -- she said p, j and t DONT COUNT!

agilinea, mistress of the murkiness of meaning said...

i never said you didn't count. i said i wanted someone else to speak up as well. you are my numero uno! all three of you!