18 November, 2006

any way you slice it it's still sliced bread

i am getting ready for the company christmas party. mr. m's, not mine, since i officially do not even have a company right now, although i will gladly say yes to any invites from either my temp office or my former office - i will go far for free grub'n booze. really. you don't wanna know how far. provided, of course, it is quality grub'n booze (in fact, precisely not the kind of grub'n booze commonly referred to as "grub'n booze;" i am more of a dainty victuals'n fine wine type of girl).

mr. m is napping, having gotten up at the ungodly weekend hour of 8:30 after an uneventful friday night full of delicious thai food and NO casino royale (stupid tired husband, grrrr!). i am listening to a multidisc putumayo collection and making myself beautiful. last night when i tried on my party dress (for which i paid a whole $15 canadian two years ago - god i am cheap!) mr. m greeted me without much enthusiasm because apparently he thought i was TOO MUCH for his company party. but i refuse to put on my sunday best or that mother-of-the-bride type dress commonly seen at this kind of event. call me a snob, but i am who i am and just because every company wife looks like she gets her hair cut by a lawnmower with a curling iron attachment and shows up at company barbecues wearing lovely applique sweatshirts, does not mean that i must stoop to that level. screw them all, the boring company wives. so, if you must know, i look damn good.

we will drink free wine (stealing the untouched bottles from the overwhelming majority beer-drinkers' tables), eat good food, and if it is boring as hell, we can still catch the 10pm showing of casino royale. have i mentioned that i really REALLY want to see this film? i am a james bond ho. i even once went to see it alone (i lived alone in smalltown, alberta) after dining alone, and shocked everyone at work the next day by admitting to this insane behaviour. dinner out...alone? followed by a movie...alone? good god. poor thing. she is either pathetic or crazy. i was neither. i simply wanted to see the latest james bond. and, for the record, i will eat out alone and i will go to movies alone and refuse to think this is some sort of crazy person behaviour. wearing applique sweaters to company functions is.


Anthony said...

Good god woman! That sweatshirt link is going to give me nightmares (or odd erotic dreams) for weeks to come. What were you thinking?

By the by, N wants to see Casino Royale with you and has FREE movie tickets. Just in case you wanted to know - she thinks the new Bond is a "hotty".

Anonymous said...

rip it up, baby. xox j

Pitur said...

Casino Royale was good, lots of killing, explosions, and ball busting, pretty cool.