10 October, 2006

umlauts, hasidic jews, sheep and sexx: Now In New Numerical Format!!!

1. a few days ago i had a dream where i lost mister monkey in a loud thumpy nightclub. specifically, a hasidic nightclub. yes, a nightclub run by and for hasidic jews. teehee. i sure like you, brain. you're funny. just keep your creepy grey hands off my skittles. i don't like you THAT much.

2. also, we are home, and our condo seems to have gotten too small for our many shiny american-bought possessions, so we are going to become ├╝berconsumers, and buy ourselves a bigger place. i want it to be swanky. i figure i am old enough for swanky. i'm thinking wall to wall red shag, ceiling mirrors, and a vibrating bed with a hottub underneath. and a wetbar. and a top of the line hi-fi. whaddyathink? would you drop by?

3. we drove home across canada, it took us 4 long days and we came to the following conclusions:
  • hotel pillows are of satan
  • finnish pancakes kick ass!!!
  • this country is far too big and i am officially filing a complaint to that effect
  • northern ontario is actually further south than alberta's southernmost border which puts its name on par with chicago being called the midwest for annoying geographical misnomers

4. i have recently gotten spam in my gmail account which is so rare and odd that it needs to be mentioned (and, no, you can't have my email address yet, i barely know you). one of the subject lines promised me "better sexx" which i found really intriguing, because up till now i have only been having sex. to the best of my knowledge, i have not yet had sexx, which logically precludes my ability to have better sexx. have you had sexx? was it better than sex? was it hott? just wondering.

5. yaaay! we now have internet in our very own home! we also have several miles of cables draped attractively over the fridge and counter, but it's a small price to pay for being able to talk to you again. i sure have missed you. i will go out on a limb and say y'all are better than sexx. but then again, how would i know?

6. sheep are cute, there's no way around it. they just are.


Pitur said...

Godd to hear you are back, I saw the pictures, nice

Anonymous said...

you have the best titles, hands down.