28 October, 2006

transfixed by the whole baby monkey thing

i have filled my prescription for some semi-helpful drugs. the "raspberry" cough syrup with codeine i have already described (although i am always confused how a syrup can claim to be simultaneously a cough suppressant AND an expectorant. it's like the bad cop in a movie that hollers at you to shut up and answer the question. huh?) the other little helper that i got is nasonex, an "aqueous nasal spray/SCENT FREE" (and i quote, including the fairly inexplicable capital letters - nasonex, why are you yelling at me? i mean, it's a good thing you are scent free, excuse me, SCENT FREE, since i am to shove you up my nose on a daily basis and all, but must you yell about it? couldn't you be more quiet and ladylike? sheesh!). the best thing about nasonex (aside from its pride of odourlessness) is the set of stickers placed on the bottle by the thoughtful pharmacist. you know, the kind of stickers that feature a loaf of bread, an apple and say "take with food" or the droopy eye of "may cause drowsiness"? the first of these stickers reminds me to "shake gently," and so i do. i shake my booty gently each time i plan to administer the spray. i don't know how it is supposed to help, perhaps it allows all my resident snot to settle or something. the second sticker features a large nose in a circle. it states "for the nose." just in case you wanted to spray your SCENT FREE nasonex in some other orifice, i guess. but then would it matter if it was SCENT FREE?

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