29 October, 2006

oh stevedore of my emotional baggage

here is a list of things you are very unlikely to see me do:

1. wear matching shoes and purse (gack!) unless they are black or it is a total accident. i often match socks to my outfit because i have many multihued socks and i find this a fun and healthy challenge. but matching shoes and purse? yuck. nevah!

2. wear skinny jeans

3. expose my navel (not out of any kind of modesty, mind you, but out of the Wobbly Shame That Is My Gut)

4. drive with my forearm resting on the steering wheel. i don't get how this can be considered comfortable. and i have long monkey arms.

5. nap on a regular basis (unless i am deathly ill)

6. pay full price

7. eat wonderbread. why?

8. drink american beer. WHY?

9. fall asleep on my back (physically impossible, i think)

10. burp

11. listen to a country music station

12. eat meat

13. fear the number 13

14. paint my fingernails

15. throw my hands up in the air and wave'em like i just don't care...oh wait, i do tend to do that.

16. pay for parking

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