30 October, 2006

hurray for yoghurt (no, really)

you know what i like? i like those strange disjointed thoughts one's mind entertains just at that pre-sleep liminal state. it's like drugs. but free. and legal.

a couple of nights ago as i was lying there faling asleep (and not LAYING either, but lying - one lays something, like an egg, or a purse on a table, or one's head on a pillow, but one lies down, got it? good!) and suddenly found myself repeating "giant black fish balloon, giant black fish balloon" and lo, there it was: a giant black fish balloon, filed with helium (i presume) and bopping gently along a vaguely school-like hallway. it was very large, it was very black, it was shaped like a large cuboidal fish of the aquarium variety (what? i don't know my fish. deal!) and i found it so neat that i woke myself up in the excitement. and because it is very difficult for me to fall asleep, i tried to hypnotize myself back into sleeping by, again, repeating, "giant black fish balloon, giant black fish balloon." i don't know if it worked, but i did eventually fall asleep.

then last saturday, just as i was drifting off, i found myself doing a walk through a hospital, i was a nurse and i went bed to bed, checked the chart, patted the patient and then moved on until i came to a bed in which i saw myself, with some strange machinery on my chest. that was probably the source of the unending supply of phlegm gurgling through my pipes that periodically causes me to erupt in dramatic wheeze-filled cough-fests, like an epileptic asthmatic tubercular professional smoker.

i am off to work. i hate working evenings. i hate working anywhere but downtown. but, like the big girl that i am, i must cope.

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