16 October, 2006

half baked is the new raw

as i wrote last night's (highly entertaining and informative) entry i was stumped by the candle holder. i actually went on merriam-webster online to double-check. the problem? well, is it just me or does "candle holder" seem to display a profound lack of linguistic imagination? i mean, yes, it is a candle holder, i know what it does, but what is it called? it doesn't seem like the proper name of an item, but the kind of hung-over brain-fart talk that results in gems like "metal pronged thing for eating" and "long white thing for wiping of bum,"etc. and no, it is not a candelabrum. it is a single candle...holder. grrrr.

so that got me thinking about other linguistically stunted words (and you wonder why i can't sleep at night!):
bathtub - oh yes? a tub for bathing. brilliant!
bedroom - a room for a bed? could be, could be...
motorbike - a sort of...motorized bicycle...of sorts.
knife sharpener - hmm, what does this do?

there's plenty more but i don't feel like thinking that hard, having already dealt with banking, retirement savings, home buying and my mother, and it's not even a full-fledged afternoon yet.

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Anonymous said...

and where is the underwear?? hmm???