22 October, 2006

girls in white dresses tied up with string

small things that make me happy:

1. foam soap. it takes the work out of washing your hands and it's fun. foam soap, you make me smile whenever i come upon you unexpectedly in a public restroom, admittedly not your typical happy place.

2. crisp, hard apples.

3. mister monkey (not a small thing, but boy, does he ever)

4. our splendiferously übercomfy bed

5. our bedding, brought to us by the selfless, generous spirit of many many bald ducks

6. juicy fruit red

7. google

8. the colour of my walls

9. flying dreams

10. hippos (they are actually purple! how cool is that?!)

11. looking seriously hot in plaid pants

1 comment:

Anthony said...

Mmmmm, hard apples.