17 October, 2006

and the beat goes on

last night, being a good wife (at that moment), i dished out mister monkey's dinner. being a vegetarian, i refused to dish out the bird, letting the spouse do it himself. i noticed then, that his face had a less-than-enthusiastic expression on it, but didn't think anything of it until i saw that he had devoured his green beans but left the bird untouched. whassup, says i. well, it turns out that, having been up to his armpits in chicken carcass, mr. m no longer felt like he wanted to actually eat it. are you a vegetarian, says i. no, he responds sadly, i'm just not a THIS-chicketarian.

in other news, the movers called this morning at 8, arrived at 8:59, started to unload our stuff, realised it was not our stuff, talked on the phone with the dispatch for 20 minutes, and then drove off. so much for MY FUCKING DOWN DUVET!!!

they promised to return in 3 hours (apparently our stuff was conveniently lodged in between other people's stuff and so they get their stuff first). there is snow on the ground and, i might have mentioned it, i want my duvet NOW.

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