04 September, 2006

the tooth fairy cometh

when you spend most of your day fantasizing about death, you know you are not having a good weekend. on the surface, it is a long weekend, the weather is beautiful, my friends and family are around, so what gives? a toothache. ever had one? i most seriously do not recommend it. it makes jumping out of a third storey balcony a welcome diversion (plus the possibility of morphine at the hospital...mmmmm...morphine). it makes coherent thought rather difficult. it makes sleep impossible. i slept approximately 3 hours last night. the rest of the time i paced, i prayed to all manner of deities, and i wept. big crocodile tears. sobbing pleas to please, please, please make it stop. as i sat there on my bed, rocking back and forth, weeping, i must admit i felt somewhat silly. i am, after all, a big girl. but i felt like a little girl who needed her mommy. or her mister monkey.
i am better now (touch wood, y'all). and please bear with me - i will write more regularly when i have a computer of my very own again.

1 comment:

Anthony said...

Poor girl. Why on earth don't you see one of the many dentists you know in town? Suffering can be cool, but not with a toothache.