17 September, 2006

hello dolly

i am in chicago for a week of mister monkeying around, and trying to eat at as many of my favourite places as is humanly possible. we've already done the chicago diner (although i am devastated because those vegan vandals simultaneously removed the meatloaf AND the shepherd's pie from their menu), the wishbone (mmmmmm, crawfish cakes), and buca di beppo, which has the very very best eggplant parmigiana i have ever laid tongue on. today was supposed to be nookies for their seasonal pancakes and chilaquiles, but if mister m continues with this sleeping bit, we might miss out.
this pisses me off since the reason he is sleeping and sleeping is that last night, against my old lady wishes, we went to the berlin. and while, yes, it is a great unassuming, and definitely unpretentious gay dance club, i really would rather have gotten a good night's sleep and been up and at'em early enough to grab the special menu at nookies. and the man sleeps on. grrrrr.
so keep coming back here to read about my spectacular culinary adventures! there will be eating! there will be whining at tightness of pants (and not because i am wearing the "skinny black pant" that the gap seems intent on foisting on the world of women, few of whom sport the prerequisite lack of any curvature whatsoever necessary to carry the look off without thoughts of bratwurst springing to mind unbidden)! there will be run-on sentences! there will be mouthwatering descriptions! there will be heartburn! there will be far too many exclamation marks! so come back y'all.


Anthony said...

For more hatred on the skinny pant,check out http://thisfish.ivillage.com/love/ I personally love mine. Sure there's no ball room but it brings me back to high school and Britania designer jeans, gold thread and removing my pants inside out. Just kidding.

Pitur said...

How was Berlin? I will be in chicage for thanksgiving (american one) and I do want to party, althought Jasiu said the gay factor (number of guys that hit on straight guys) is pretty high.