20 September, 2006

feed me, somebody please, feeeeeed meeeee

so i got sick. between the smelly airplane air, the coughing masses, the humidity, the chicago air quality etc., i'm now sick. i spent the whole day in bed, pretending to read a book while i surf for law & order reruns. it is amazing how many hours of l&o one can scrounge up in the course of a day. i'm wearing a 100$ designer nightie (that i paid 2$ for) and little yellow ankle socks, my hair is doing wacky anime type shit, my lungs make that soft purring sound of a really expensive jaguar, and i am cold and achy all over. i've eaten everything in the fridge that was edible (except for some suspect and highly smelly kimchi) and i am hungry. unfortunately mr. monkey had a post-work dinner, so i have been sitting in bed drooling over any and all commercials that feature edible products - even toothpaste....hey! i DO have toothpaste! tom's of maine gingermint and licoricey ajona. and a jar of pickles. but here's hoping that mr. m will arrive shortly with what i have been fantasizing about for the last several hours - go roma thin crust spinach and roasted vegetable pizza. and i'd better feel better tomorrow, because my innards are feeling all clammy and gross from all that law & order.

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