08 August, 2006

some early morning haruspicy

well, i have split open a carcass, poked around it with a stick (but not just any stick, you dig?), and this is what the entrails have told me regarding my immediate future:

1. today i am off to edmonton for two weeks of various shenanigans and alcohol consumption, the firstest and foremostest of which is my one and only, beloved cousin's wedding to a kick-ass girl
2. when i return i shall pack furiously (cause it's the only way to pack) and on the weekend we are off for a cross country move back home in a u-haul
3. unpacking of said u-haul
4. long weekend of celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in the rockies somewhere, most likely in waterton national park
5. more detailed unpacking, followed by job searching and finally working for a living like a respectable human being instead of lounging around in my droopy underwear all day blogging like a mad woman in the proverbial attic

so the gist of all this, my chickens, is that for the next little while our communication will be sporadic at best, so you can catch up on your classics of russian literature or whatnot. you know me - i will blog when i can, but if i cannot, i will still be thinking of you. and in the case of the lucky few, i will probably be drinking with you. good bye and careful with the solzhenitsyn, the guy is depressing.

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