02 August, 2006

pizza pizza!

there is an old lady walking down the middle of my street wearing an immaculately laundered white lace top and black leggings, intermittently muttering and screaming obscenities at no one in particular in that scratchy white trash voice. that's the kind of neighbourhood i live in, in case you haven't noticed. she's gone now.

one day mr. m and i were walking down princess street in kingston (ontario has many many many royal sounding place names. it gets tiresome after a while). because we were hungry we started conjuring up ideas for imaginative nouvelle-cousine/fusion pizza toppings, which somehow became alphabetized. we laughed and laughed and laughed. yes, that's the kind of intellectual discourse you can expect from me. i thought i might share with you, gentle readers. i know how hard it is to come up with ideas for dinner some days.
here goes.

the alphabetized pizza menu for your cooking and consuming consideration:

anchovies, avocado and apricots
blueberries, brie and bologna
carrots, camembert and caviar
duck, dill and doppelrhamstufel
edam, escargots and endive
fishballs, fennel and figs
goat, garlic and gravlax
ham, headcheese and horseradish (not for the faint of heart)
italian sausage, idaho potatoes and ice cream (cheating, i know, but you try it!)
jam, jicama and jarlsberg
kiwi, kidneys and kefalotyri
lamb, liver and lentil (high protein, this one)
mint, mascarpone and monkfish (mmm, mmm good!)
nutmeg, nectarines and neufchatel
onion, oyster and okra
pineapple, porkchops and passionfruit (my nod to the ubiquitous hawaiian)
quince, quinua and quail
rabbit, ribs and radicchio
squid, squash and soynuts
tofu, tomato and truffles
unagi, uropygium, ubriaco (this one was a lot of work and its relative tastiness will most probably depend precisely on what type of bird you de-rump as well as the freshness of the eel. obviously.)
vanilla bean, vermouth and veal
walnut, watercress and winegums
xnipec, xanadu and xenurine (i will not guarantee the tenderness or flavour of the xenurine, sorry. however, the cheese story is a good one)
yogurt, yak and yeast
zucchini, zabaglione and ziti (uncle luigi's favourite)

my everlasting gratitude to cheese.com. i wish i'd snagged that name - you'd be writing to moi@cheese.com. it makes me smile, even to contemplate it.
okay, what're you waiting for? GET COOKING!


jools the festooned said...

those sound good!

i think your inspiration was a incidence of friend flow (tm). i first experienced that while walking home at dawn with two friends. we were all loaded. suddenly we found ourselves walking and talking in iambic pentameter - and we couldn't stop.

(don't ask me what iambic pentameter is. i don't know it anymore.)

jools the festooned said...

let's test the theory when you get back to town.