01 August, 2006

mini mimi me and good old arvo

because it is too damn hot to do anything other than lie breathlessly on the floor reading, i've been working on my mimi backlog. i am now in the spring of 2002 and have finally figured out that the sense of deja vu i keep feeling is due to my recent use of the very same links/ideas/thoughts that i am reading in mimi's blog, except she did it four years ago, and better (i.e. smarter - i am far far lazier than mimi and lack her frenetic energy). like in this post, she mentions arvo pärt, whom i only just discovered last week thanks to my father's incredible store of knowledge regarding any music jazz or classical. so here's to you mimi - when i grow up (in four years, roughly) i wanna be just like you. and to the rest of you - go listen to some arvo pärt. he rocks...ok, he doesn't exactly rock, but his musical minimalism is beautiful, unlike most plinky-plonky masturbatory modern symphonic stuff that sets my teeth on edge. go now! go!

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