23 July, 2006

of pickles and wine

i am happy to announce that apparently your prayers, animal sacrifices and/or oak-huggings have had the desired effect - i drank this weekend. ok, it was mostly Stuff Other Than Wine, but there was wine involved and there were NO HEADACHES OF ANY KIND! well, except for trying to find my mom's beautiful but fully psychotic/paranoid cat who was so stressed out by the arrival of our good friend matt that she spent the next day and night in her favourite basement crawl space, and then lodged herself so successfully behind the washing machine that the 3 of us had to move it to release the little furry freak. she must have felt pretty stupid, because she let us pet her but wouldn't meet our eyes.

furthermore, in the useless news department, i made two jars of pickles. not the pseudo-pickling which uses vinegar, but the true brine method which allows the pickles to develop their own lactic acid and tastes waaaay better. all you need to do is pack your pickling cukes very tightly in a clean glass jar. pack in dill flowers and sprigs, several cloves of peeled garlic and a little bit of fresh horseradish if you happen to have such a commodity handy (if you do, i'm betting you're polish - czesc!), in the meantime boil water with salt (approx 1 heaping tablespoon of kosher salt per litre of H20). when the water cools, pour over pickles and lightly close lid, making sure that the cukes remain under the liquid. keep on counter, do not refrigerate. several days later you have fermented yumminess. these are to be made and eaten as is - how to actually sterilize and seal them you'll have to ask martha - i'm all about the immediate pickle gratification.

on a less sour note, my favourite b.c. winery has changed names from a perfectly respectable scherzinger wines, to a hip wanna-be dirty laundry. now i'm all for imaginative names and such, but dirty laundry? feh! it sounds vaguely disturbing, like one should look for the musky odour of week-old socks in the bouquet of the gew├╝rztraminer, which just don't seem right. but good luck to them, provided they haven't changed the formulation of their wines. if they start winning awards, i'll worry. i generally hate award winning wines. the more gold medals on the label, the less i like it. and not because i am some sort of snob who wants to bask in the esoteric but because i truly find them unpalatable. i do not like the currently fashionable dry whites. if i must drink white, i want it to taste like a meadow from the sound of music - germanic and fragrant and sweet (minus the nazis, thank you very much - i draw the line at nazis in my wine). reds, on the other hand, must be dry. more than that - my kind of red will kick your teeth in, say a few choice words about yo mama, and then french kiss you till you are spent. basically a wine with enough character to strangle a goat. kinda like me. except for the goat part. most days.


Anthony said...

Glad you got your wine mojo back. I'm looking forward to sharing a bottle or six with you this summer.

agalinea, mistress of the murkiness of meaning said...

i'm so there, baby cakes.