09 July, 2006

muscular french ass

just so you know i truly care about your entertainment, how about a round of this? i have no idea what it is, but i know i often feel just like it. do you?

also, the repeating genotype thing worries me. it seems that there are only so many faces to go around and then they repeat endlessly, though with some variation, and then you get that uncomfortable feeling, as though you're absolutely sure you've met this guy before, but no, it's only the repeating genotype rearing its ugly little head. d'you know what i mean? no? then you have a rich and fulfilling life. i hope you are enjoying it, while i worry to death over useless minutiae.

mother-in-law comes for a week-long visit tomorrow. my suddenly overflowing social life continues. which is too bad - i really miss talking to you. truly. i do.

also, congratulations italia! though i feel very sorry for the frenchman who hit the goal post. will they comfort him tonight, you think, or give him a sound spanking? with that i leave you - the image of a ripe, firm, muscular french ass. enjoy!

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