13 July, 2006

in which small furry animals fear me and i impersonate johnny depp

this just in: a black ontario squirrel was seen climbing the electrical post outside my window. i turned and shrieked twice and had the immense satisfaction of seeing the rodent jump, turn around and skedaddle in an impressive bit of highwire speedwalking. ha ha. squirrels fear me. i am a mean mean person. do you like me now?

boy, that beats a whole lot of other posts for the title of most inane post EVER.

for those of you just joining me here - please go back, look at the pictures, laugh and cry along with me, and ignore this mess, ignore it, i tell you. look away! just look away!

ahem. do you like me now?

do you like me now?

do you like me now?

do you like me now?

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