12 July, 2006


and on the ever popular topic - "me, me, me", or "things that fail to arouse an inkling of interest in anyone but myself": i've been thinking lately that i am utterly unambitious, lazy, and lack any kind of willpower. the things i say i will do, i regularly fail to do; the things i say i will do no more, i continue to do with an admirable regularity. i figured out last night that, if such a thing existed, i would have an astoundingly high fallibility quotient. and then i thought, hey, wouldn't it be hilarious if i became a pope, and therefore infallible? then my simultaneous fallibility and my infallibility would have to go at each other like godzilla and mothra, complete with cheap tokyo mock-ups, cheesy pyrotechnics and a cast of thousands of very small screaming japanese people. who knows what the end result would be! also, i think i should be pope for the cool, hand-embroidered pope outfits. very fetching!
and speaking of mothra, you know what else is fun? inventing opponents for godzilla, like cowra, goatra, hamstra, sheepra, and my personal favourite - the lightning fast snailra.
i have spoken. you may back out of the audience chamber slowly, then run like hell for the hills, hoping that my pack of highly trained killer fishybottom dachshunds will not catch up with you. ha!

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