31 July, 2006


for your information, here is what i did today:

1. shopped for fruit, yogurt and respite from the heat.

2. sweated. a lot. ever had rivulets of sweat trickling down the grand canyon of your heat-inflamed ass? no? it's exactly as much fun as it sounds. maybe even less.

3. bought, washed and consumed 2 kilograms of cherries which had mr. m and me partaking in a sort of explosive gastrointestinal relay trot to the one and only bathroom. but oh so worth it.

4. lied around totally naked on the bed in the middle of the living room in a heat slump for most of the afternoon and evening, spritzing ourselves periodically and screaming over the constant drone of the cute-but-almost-entirely-useless retro 40's fan my parents lent us.

5. read a book of recipes by john ash, the only cookbook so far that has inspired me to actually make several things in it by actually following the recipes almost exactly, something i generally tend not to do. and they be good. really really good. honest. i have many cookbooks, mostly for entertainment and reading pleasure. this one, i use. try it. ($3 at winners!)

6. washed the dishes in the nude, figuring that mr. LOUD AND BEAUTIFUL could damn well see my bits if he so desired, on account of it being fucking hot. (my bits, and the weather, thank you very much)

7. pestered mr. m to get off the computer and take a shower with me, which he is doing at this very moment, so off i go. good night and may your night be pleasantly cool and rocked by every kind of fragrant breeze. i know ours won't be.


Anthony said...

I so love washing dishes in the nude, but the kids complain too often and Dede can't keep from sniffing Jim. You are soooo lucky.

Pitur said...

what kind of cookbook is it? Any good? I am in search of some recipes that are relatively fast.

jools the festooned said...

why are you showering with mr. m? sounds unhygenic.