16 July, 2006

bob's your uncle

it is hot. it is very hot. it is so hot, in fact, that rivulets of sweat are running down between the old sweater muffins. sheesh, even typing the word "sweater" makes me uncomfortable. did i mention how hot it is? tomorrow they are predicting 35 degrees, of the celcius variety. for those of you still living in the dark ages of fahrenheit, that is very fucking hot. what with the humidex, it will most probably feel like the inside of a cow's liver. gack! since i obviously have another sleepless night ahead of me, i thought i'd warn you of the torrent of witty posts that shall pour forth from my lightly steamed brain (mmmmm, lightly steamed brain with wilted spinach and a balsamic vinegar reduction - or just make mine a sandwich!) in the morrow. or not. actually, probably not. i'll be too busy sweating, which has recently beat solitaire as my all time favourite activity. did i mention how bloody hot it is?

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