10 July, 2006

am i a summer?

can anyone explain to me why the goalie in soccer wears a different colour than his team? is there a rule about this? i know that it would confuse me if i were a football player - i would most probably attempt to score in my own goal on more than one occasion (of course this is so purely a hypothetical concept that it boggles the mind). but back to the colour - why? do they want something that works a little better with their complexion than the team colours? did gianluigi buffon* say, "hey guys, blue makes me look all washed out, would you mind if i wore daffodil yellow?" do they get colour draping done and, having been decreed a "summer" or "fall," only wear colours from the palette suggested by their colourist? please, if you have the answer, let me know.

*if i had a boy-child, what a great name he could have! we could call him "buffy" for short and he could have a fantastic range of gender issues. gosh, what fun!

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