26 June, 2006

thingies i think

1. i love predictable, happy meg ryan movies.
2. i think kate hudson has no boobs, no lips, and no talent.
3. i think gwynneth paltrow should be told her brit accent sucks monkey ass.
4. i don't get american apparel ads with their "regular" ugly people in "regular" ugly clothes. if i want that, i look in the mirror. plus their clothes stink. i realise that the 80's are the acme of hipster cool, but do we really need unitards again? huh? i think not.
5. peanut butter - crunchy, chunky, never smooth. preferably organic and made with only peanuts. salt and icing sugar are just plain unnecessary.
6. i think my husband has a cute butt.
7. i love fire works. love them with all the awe and intensity of a 5 year old on a sugar rush.
8. i'm done now.
9. i said, i'm done now.
10. go away, willya? why does it always have to be 10?

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